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      Before Malila became a barangay under the Municipality of Tampilisan, it was formerly a sitio – a cluster of households far from the center– of Barangay Compra under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte (ZDN). The earliest settlers in the area were the Subanen and Visayans, majority of which were from nearby towns like Liloy and Labason. Moreover, some of the other settlers came from Visayan provinces such as Siquijor, Negros, Cebu and Iloilo. As an homage, the initial settlers created the name Malila from their place of origin. “MA” representing Maria, Siquijor; “LI” for Liloy and; “LA” for Labason.

       In 1988, Barangay Malila-T was established, during the administration of then-appointed Mayor Cesar A. Bomediano. The new barrio was founded and Mr. Marcos Daligdig was named as the First Barangay Captain. It is important to note, that upon the establishment of Barangay Malila-T, the former sitio Malila of Barangay Compra, Liloy, ZDN was divided into two. Half of which was retained under the Municipality of Liloy, to be then know as Malila-L, and the other half transferred to the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Tamipilisan, hence the name, Malila-T




The Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) of Malila T, Tampilisan is headed by its Barangay Captain Andes, and composed of 7 Barangay Councilors. They also have 1 Indigenous People Minority Representative, 1 SK chairman, a secretary and a treasurer.


The BLGU Chair is the chair of the Barangay Development Council. The Barangay Councilors are designated to oversee the different committees, namely: Committee on Environmental Disaster Management, Committee on Health and Sanitation, Committee on Sports, Committee on Appropriation, Committee on Peace and Order, Committee on Infrastructure, Committee on Education and Committee on Agriculture.


Land Area and Boundaries

    Barangay Malila-T is one of the 20 barangays situated in the municipality of Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte. It is located 97.5 meters (319.9 feet) above mean sea level with a total land area of 5,387,556 sqm and is estimated to be 13 kms away from Poblacion. It is surrounded by barangay Lumbayao in the East, barangay New Barili in the North, barangay Lawaan in the West and barangay Malila-L along the municipal border of Tampilisan and Liloy. It is composed of 7 puroks in which it includes a Sitio named “Balugo”.

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The people of Malila-T are composed of different ethnicities and religions; majority are Visayan followed by Subanen, Kalibugan, and Ilonggo. Out of several religious affiliations, the majority are Roman Catholics. Other religions such as Non-Catholic Christians, Philippine Devine Missionary Church (PDMC), KKDL fall into minority. Despite their differences in belief and ideology, people of Malila-T put these differences aside every “Araw ng Malila-T” which is celebrated on January 27 of the year, wherein everyone is invited to have fun and encouraged to join different activities such as Paliga in Basketball and disco party at night.

People and Culture



Zero Open Defication





Barangay Health Center


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